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Special Interest groups and Events 

Our greatest passion is to host events and special groups organised by individuals, associations, sport academies or just a group of friends who have a unique idea. 

People always want to travel but travelling just for vacation is not always what people are looking for.

It is our anim to create vacation experiences offering to our guets, clients and partners the posibility to enjoy their hobby, sport, artistic calling, gastronomical experience, religious or historical search combined with a trip to magnificent locations arround the world.

Our team is available to different types of people, companies, Ngo's and associations to be the vessel that will carryout your dream event.

Bellow you can find some of our achievents.

from a small team building event to a 1500 people international conference

We specialize on offering packages for events and conferences for corporate clients, non government organisations and international organisations. We maintain a good standard of service along with each client's profile and relative budget.


International championships

We manage and support sport associations on organizing sport events and international championships. We have planned from international and national chess championships, European kick Boxing championships and other.


Dancing Festivals, weddings, parties

We work closely with people and organisations that unusual off track events.

International Educational festivals for schools, Wedding planning in Greek islands, private island parties for corporate accounts.

Dance Festivals, Tango marathons, sport events, Student camps and more

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